29 July 2008

More chaos at TPiR

First heard it on the TPiR web board, but now the news is spreading about the "rigged" Plinko board that set FreDismantle back about $30K in consolation payouts for one lucky contestant. (In case you were wondering, this incident will never be permitted to be aired for broadcast.) Just another sign, along with the current upheaval regarding the wheel and the set changes, that TPiR as a production is rapidly falling apart without "The Dob" at the helm.

To set a point straight, this was an accident - apparently the board is "rigged" via the use of strategically placed twine to assure a big money Plinko win for promotional purposes (i.e. commercials), and it seems that a not-so-bright production staffer neglected to remove the twine before going to air. I guess someone must have taken the fall for that gem of stupidity.

A perhaps understandable mistake, but none too good for the show's image, which is not what TPiR needs in the face of ratings declines and the overall changes which have occurred in the past year. With the ongoing staff changes and the proposed "revamp", it is safe to say that TPiR could benefit from the knowledge of an experienced producer...which of course is what the show had until two weeks ago.

The arrogance and imbecility of Hollywood types continues to boggle the mind.

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