17 July 2008

The dogs of war

Need I remind all those imperialist, "yer either with us, or geeet on out o'here!" blowhard yahoos who are just pining away for continued warfare and spreading of death to countries which pose no threat to us, that when a nation enters into a state of war it takes certain risks with its citizenry.

Of course men are killed and maimed on the battlefield, which is a crime in itself. But that is for another post. I am talking about something more primal.

Do the idiots in Washington realize how our warfaring ways are blatantly exposing our women and girls to the ravages of potential rapists?

Rape and pillage is the ancient way of war. Soldiers have considered this a privilege of victory since ancient times, even as recently as the Second World War and Vietnam. Is there any evidence that today's enemies are any more civilized than warriors of the past?

The Mongol hordes will one day reach our shores, enraged and emboldened by our consistent destruction of their nations. (Don't think "Homeland Security" will save you; the government's "finest" couldn't defuse a bomb to save their lives.) And they will enter a country which has long abdicated any ability to actually defend the 'homeland', having squandered its skill in self protection for twenty pieces of silver and the false protection of the police state.

Most men today no longer retain enough class or moral fiber to save a woman from ravishment, much less even know how to use a gun, or even know what a gun looks like.

Rape is the most brutal of all crimes save murder. It is a crime completely born of the primitive primal animal urges of lust, power, and destruction. It is a crime of barbarian savagery to a degree that no other insult can approach.

And real men should be ashamed that it is even allowed to occur, even in peacetime.

But there are no more real men. In this nihilistic age the old fine values of protecting the dignity of the female sex, the producers of new life, are long dead, replaced by an animal scraping for "rights" and a false belief in the almighty power of Government sponsored protection. Every man - and woman - for himself/herself.

Sorry, folks, but the Federal Government has not much longer to live. Economic collapse looms and the gilded offices of the parasitical class will cease to exist.

Then the jungle drums will begin to bleat, and the cries of millions of violated women will sound out in the night.

Not that anyone cares. Go back to your Cheetos and television viewing. No dark evil looming ahead to swallow us all into the vortex.

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