21 June 2008

We worship death in the good ol' USA

Today I again observed an incident which shows that, at its root, human nature and character is banal, ugly, and sickening.

A certain US Senator in this state, as you may know by now, got caught red handed in a sex scandal, where he was found to be the regular patron of a high profile prostitution ring in DC. Well this politician had of course not the character to face the situation like a man, resign his office immediately, and kill himself quietly -so after delivering a perfunctory apology at the side of his mercenary spouse, on he continues to solder forward as 'representative' of the state's people as if the incident never occurred.

For amusement's sake, today I attended one of his 'town hall meetings' (you know, the ones where you write your questions down so that they are vetted by the handlers to the High and Mighty One beforehand), and there were people, just as I expected, meekly and feebly asking insipid and fawning questions which did absolutely nothing to question the legitimacy of the system, its vile corruption, or its brute cynicism.  In all it was a like minded neocon choir for our 'conservative' Senator who made a big dog and pony show of being 'conservative'.  Because he is 'one of them' (i.e. a dickhead) they give him their undying love.  One woman even stated that she was proud of the Senator!  Boy, are we as a people ever forgiving!

In all, a farce.  The sheeple have spoken.

One extremely brave man (not me) would have none of it.  He had come to speak truth to power and did so.  He bellowed to the Almighty one, in a powerful voice:


Admittedly a low blow, but one richly deserved.

And then the enormous spectre of human ugliness reared its filthy head, and the crowd went wild.  Cries of "SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!!" were mingled with jeers of so called "Christians": "HE WHO CASTS THE FIRST STONE SHALL BE WITHOUT SIN!!"

It was a frightening sight, to say the least.  You could feel the body assembled growing out of control.  Almost like a lynch mob.

You gotta love their emotional and heartfelt support of their Leader.  So much for free speech, upholding human decency, expecting public officials to have character, etc.

The truth is that this was an assembly of the comfortable, and the dogma of "go along to get along" is paramount in their lives.  They would never imagine stirring the pot, lest it disturb their privileged and shallow little lives, until someone comes along to disturb their sick little worldview - and then they take that individual outside around the back and beat his ass to within an inch of his life.

I am sure that is what the Senator's handlers did.  

We call ourselves civilized in this country.  And for the most part we make a big show of being cool and collected. In fact most of us are sick, depraved, monstrous individuals who would do anything to destroy another person to gain a benefit.  This is the only reason I can imagine why allegedly educated people could support degenerates such as the junior Senator from Louisiana.  

Today's events were only brute confirmation of that fact.

In this circumstance, I can gladly say that the Iraqis demonstrate more civility and class than most Amerikans.

Today the only permissible subjects which men may casually discuss among themselves, due to social fascism, are beer and sports.  Step outside those bounds and you are ostracised and brought to destitution - or better yet, called a terrorist. No wonder social relationships are so vacuous and empty today, and why people are so alone and atomized.  The arbiters of social control have painted us into a corner indeed.

This is no longer a free country where a man may speak his opinion without molestation - it is now conform, or die.  Yay for democracy and the good ol' USA!