16 June 2008

All washed up

Remember when you were a kid and you were told how the future was going to be a bright, gleaming, magnificent thing, where there would be flying cars, no more poverty or racism, hard work would be a thing of the past, and everyone would be bountifully happy?

Well, the future is now.  Where's my flying car?

In any case, as long as the long claw of primeval human nature exists to sully the earth, there will be morons, and there will be power hungry madmen willing to capitalize on this fact to wrest control over other people's lives - which means no gleaming future, thus no flying autos.  And so we are presented with the two major party presidential candidates.

Each a relic of the past.  Each an assured continuation of the unsustainable status quo. Both dedicated to elite privilege and taxing the average man into pauperism to finance mindless social schemes at home and wars of foreign conquest throughout the globe.

"Juan" (born in Panama) and Hussein Osama - er, Obama (aka "Barack" or "boy" to my less enlightened redneck relatives) have arrived on the political scene several decades too late. Already, before either of them have achieved the pinnacle of absolute power, they are all washed up.  They are bloody stillborn corpses presented to the people as our elite-designated future leaders.

Our current Leader is definitely all washed up, for reasons which need no repeating here.  The same can easily be said of his coterie, his flunkies, his Praetorian Guards, the rest of his entourage, and most certainly of the power behind the throne, aka Number 2 (hey Beavis, he said number two....).

Congress is all washed up.  They have become a rubber stamp Reichstag for the Unitary Executive.  Nobody really takes the legislature seriously anymore.  Say, let's just be done with this charade of separation of powers and formally establish a dictatorship!  Wouldn't be much of a change from the current situation.

The Supreme Court is all washed up.  With rare exceptions (such as last week's decision) they have been at the beck and call of the Executive.  Gee golly, some of the Supremes are just so effusively gushing in their wholehearted support for our Commander in Chief in this time of crisis!

In fact, the State in general, and the elites which are sustained by it, are all washed up.  The end of civilization is fast approaching due to the State's murderous machinations.  When this is discovered, then the elites will be blown to atoms.

If we don't figure this out soon, then it's safe to say that humanity is all washed up.