13 May 2008

On a writing binge

I am writing a story right now cuz the inspiration bug's been bitin' me hard lately. So I am gonna keep this poast short and sweet.

This story is inspired partly by those old post-war airlines with their lovely stewardesses and their opulence in air travel; throw in some current events, some terrorist stereotypes, a little S & M (not too much, I promise), my favored romance plot (troubled older man meets lovely young woman who redeems him), pastiches of famous aviation personalities (Eddie Rickenbacker, Juan Trippe, etc.) and you have it.

I'm only on page 25 right now. But, to quote Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman, I'm just getting started.

Maybe later on I will post samples of the more exciting portions to this blog, if you are all nice and behave yourselves.

Hopefully my muse stays with me all the way to a logical end!