02 May 2008

Impending doom

You can feel it in the air, sense it in your bones.

We are hurtling headlong as a nation into something big and terrible. Economic collapse on a level unseen in history. An entire generation's talents, dreams, and happiness liquidated like so many concentration camp inmates.

It will define our age, present a bookend denoting the terminus of the Amerikan empire with all its lies and evil works.

It will destroy us all. Few will survive. I mean this quite literally. Hundreds of millions will die.

Do you know how to grow crops and feed yourself without external assistance? If the answer is no, you are fucked.

The division of labor will break down, and humanity will revert to the level of hunters and gatherers, living by the law of the jungle, in small bands subject to Malthusian laws of survival.

If you don't believe this is possible in this allegedly advanced age, you'd better read up on your history. Specifically, the fall of the Roman empire.

The mass slaughter begins. Let the bodies hit the floor.