19 May 2008

I have a dream

No, not MLK's dream. Something quite better.

In this age of imperial corruption where figurative Praetorian Guards dictate the fashion of our lives, it is apparent that in life both private and public such virtues as truth, honesty, compassion, loyalty, and even love are gradually being destroyed, to be replaced by a morality of relativity and murderous barbarism.

We do what we feel is right, as opposed to what actually is right. We live by the mantra "if it's so wrong, then why does it feel so right?" (For some reason Brooke Shields always comes to mind when I think about that line. Must be something out of Endless Love.)

We embrace moral and economic bankruptcy to achieve power, glory, and prestige on both a personal level and as a nation. Be proud, Amerika - you are now lord of the boneyards of death.

My dream would be a world where men and women act like adults and treat each other with respect, where truth and decency are honored and barbarism scorned, where a man and a woman could share an honest love for each other instead of establishing a relationship on the counterfeit bases of sex or money or power.

But I doubt that will ever occur in my lifetime, so it remains a dream deferred. Wonder if it will explode. Sadly, civilization will likely have to end before this dream is achieved.

(More in this vein later)