25 May 2008

Highway content coming soon!

And you thought I had forgotten about the viatology aspects of this blog.  No, not really.  I'm been in a roadgeeking mood lately so expect this angle to ramp up considerably.

I am creating write ups (or more accurately, am finishing writing what I started two years ago) for the primary and secondary highways in Louisiana.  That is, roads with designations in the range LA 1 to LA 191.  I am about halfway done so far.  When this is complete, it will be posted to the blog and permalinked for your convenience.  This will be done sooner for US and Interstate routes, since I already have those write-ups completed.  I just have to figure out the formatting somehow.

I know you're just salivating for the results.  But if you think this can be done overnight, consider that I have to make listings for nearly 200 routes, including their mileage, termini, other pertinent stuff, and a unique write up for each one consisting of anything interesting that I know about the route, particularly if I have actually traversed it (and I have driven a lot of LA routes, at least in the south part of the state).  And all this to do on a crappy laptop keyboard. 

There are bare bones route lists for Louisiana state highways on the internet, but not unique lists with detailed information such as I am creating.  Since I am too lazy and cheap to start a website, and since I know next to nothing about web design, this will have to suffice until I can think of something better.

And if you want to know whether I intend to do this for the tertiary routes, - that is, the 1000+ routes designated 300-1256 (or so) - and the 3000 series routes, dream on.  Very few are worth doing a unique write up on anyway.  I have descriptions already composed for various southeast La. routes which I am familiar with, and perhaps I can be persuaded to compose material on the more distinguished of their numbers which I haven't covered.  But otherwise, nah.  Too much of an undertaking.  If you'd like to pay me, I'll consider it.  Other than that it's a really, really long term thing.