10 April 2008

What I miss about America

Continuing a rough random train of thought from my previous post....

There are some things that I truly miss about America, that once were, but are no longer:

I miss having people around who act with civility and decency in public, treat each other with respect, and expect others to do the same.

I miss men who treat women like ladies, hold the doors open for them, tip their hats to them as they walk by, respect and honor the obvious gender differences, and don't expect them to be like the men and fight our Imperial wars for the Leader.

I miss women who are actually beautiful, who take care to appear feminine and attractive instead of holding to the "the world is my bathroom" or "crack addict chic" school of fashion.

I miss clean, orderly neighborhoods and streets which are well maintained and not left to rot and decay by the growing mindlessness and wanton thuggery of their inhabitants.

I miss television which provides programming that one can actually watch without feeling sick, disgusted, or repulsed.

I miss music radio stations that play actual music, as opposed to the drip-hop flavored jungle drums which passes for 'music' today. In fact, I miss real music. Thank heaven for LimeWire.

I miss automobiles which are designed with class, taste, and style, unlike much of the industry's current product. If they were sold brand new today I would purchase a 1972 Impala or a classic Caprice without even considering the competition.

I miss an economy that provides fulfilling and stable employment for people of all educational backgrounds and levels, which produces real goods of intrinsic value, which doesn't experience periodic State induced financial crises like the recession we're currently experiencing, where people save their incomes for the future and don't blow $3000 on a big screen digital television like some people I know did.

I miss politicians who actually hold principles and stand up for freedom and liberty, the ideals which the Founding Fathers extolled. (Well, there is at least one politician remaining today who does, so that makes it a little better.)

I miss economists that defend the free market and are suspicious of public interventions. There haven't been many of them since Keynes penned his execrable General Theory.

I miss $1/gallon petrol. Yeah, dream on, self.

I miss cities which are healthy, thriving, pleasant places to live and have not been destroyed and devoured by blight, urban prairie, and the cancer of the superthug and all his evil works.

I miss shopping centers, malls, and districts that have active, profitable stores and shops and have not succumbed to urban blight or the collapse of their customers' purchasing power.

I miss central business districts that thrive with activity and actually are central to city life.

I miss films that are emotionally affecting, intelligently directed and acted, and make a true if not so popular statement about the world in which we live, while also being entertaining - as opposed to serving as cheap entertainment for the dumb masses and crappy filler programming on low-rated cable networks.

I miss women who take care to look their best in public, wearing fashionable and attractive clothing and a reasonable amount of cosmetics, instead of excessive eyeshadow and lip gloss and articles of clothing which let it all hang out or make them appear pregnant in a pathetic attempt to mask their obesity.

I miss not having spoiled dumb bleach blondes with rich daddies, whose only goal in life is to marry a rich "guy", set the tone and cultural/social mores of society. I also miss men having common sense and not being so stupid and classless as to fall so easily into that trap.

I miss Marvin Gaye. Man, you were the real superfly back then. Rest in peace, wherever you are.

I miss businessmen who are viewed as heroes, and public 'servants' being recognized for the shysters that they are.

I miss not having so many thugs around.

I miss men who take responsibility for themselves and their actions, marry the woman they want to produce children with (BEFORE having those children), hold steady employment and support their families, act as a responsible father to their kids and a loving husband to their wives, serve as a role model for younger men, and reject the empty temptations of the thug life.

I miss women who respect themselves and their bodies, who don't throw themselves at just any random male of the species who has a pulse, but who look for quality in a potential mate, and know to separate the keepers from the thug chaff; who demonstrate modesty in their dress and their personality; who don't care to spend $$$ for a Botox injection, to make them look five years younger for six months, and who don't care about this or their pilates class more than their families; who take care of their children, produce only wanted children, and don't abort or throw in a trash bin those that they don't want, but ensure that they are matched with families who can love and care for them; who are supportive, caring, and loving wives to their husbands, and respectful and loving daughters to their parents.

I miss what America once was, and what it could again become.