24 April 2008

Square peg, round hole

There are those of us in society who simply do not 'fit in.'

I'm not talking about people who make a deliberate choice to 'dare to be different'. They know what they are getting into, and often associate with similar people anyway.

I am referring to folk who, despite their best efforts, simply lack the ability for some reason to make friends or put other people at ease around them. These are the folks who you just can't stand to be around and you can't really put your finger on the reason as to why - but you know that for some reason, they are unacceptable to your presence.

If you have been told that you are a certain failure in life, then you don't fit in.

If you have been forced to leave schools or other institutions of learning for unclear reasons, it's because you don't fit in.

If you have been fired or otherwise terminated from jobs because you weren't considered a 'team player' or because it was determined that you couldn't effectively work with your co-workers, then you don't fit in.

If you have been denied service at restaurants or other similar establishments for reasons that were unclear or you never discovered, then you don't fit in.

If you have been turned away at public places such as ballparks, theatres, shopping malls, etc. (and better yet, escorted off the premises to boot by armed guards sporting rifles and Tasers), it's likely because you don't fit in.

If you have found it difficult if not impossible to secure decent housing, whether rental or for purchase, then you don't fit in.

If you have consistently been denied loans despite a history of always paying your bills on time, don't think it's because your credit is bad. You simply don't fit in.

This has nothing to do with skin color, ethnicity, gender, or even social origin/background. You can come from the secure creamy center of the White middle class and still not fit in.

What does it mean to 'fit in'?

"Fitting in" means conforming to social norms, to standard social practices, thoughts, and mannerisms.

In American society a little difference of opinion is currently tolerated, but not much and certainly not as much as even a dozen years ago. If the Leader doesn't agree with it, it's socially unacceptable now. Expect the range of permissible thought to further contract as time progresses. Except, of course, the toleration for torture - that will only increase.

Social behavior is even more tightly regulated, even more so today than in the 1950s when American was famously conformist. A minor tick or nonstandard mannerism is now enough to convict one in the eyes of society as a social criminal and misfit who must be isolated and removed from 'polite' society. Or better yet, you get 'diagnosed' with fake diseases such as AD(H)D or Asperger's syndrome. That's the modern, civilized method of applying the scarlet letter of stigma, eh?

Or even better, you are designated an 'enemy combatant' and sent to live with the rest of your 'kind' at Guantanamo Bay where you are constantly 'interrogated' (i.e. tortured) by "defenders of freedom." That'll show them un-American non-conformist bitches!!

Of course, 'polite' society condones the mass murder and killing of millions around the globe just so that the elites and their hangers-on can live their affluent and morally bankrupt White lifestyle. Suck my dick, colored inferior!! they say as they give the world the finger.

But that's another poast in itself.

In any case, if you don't fit in, likely you are an economic bottom dweller who is a major disappointment to family members. Likely your siblings think you're disgusting and your parents want nothing to do with you except when you owe them money. Any woman you express interest in will reach directly for the phone so she can call the cops on you for sexual assault. Any open advertised position of employment you apply for (unless it's a low level GOVERNMENT JOB) will magically have "already been filled" by the time you finish filling out the application. Any person who you would like to have as a friend will always seem to be too busy to add any more friends to their busy and shallow lives. Any restaurant you enter will advertise a two hour (or longer) wait for you, while others who enter at the same time are seated immediately.

Welcome to my world.

(More on this subject later. I promise.)