03 April 2008

Make me wanna holla

As usual in this fascist age the politically connected and comfortable classes benefit at the expense of the rest of us. The greatest beneficiaries are the multinational contractors. These corporations essentially could not exist without the support of government contracts; that is their raison d'etre. They provide "services" for the public sector as diverse as acting as hired killers and war profiteers (Blackwater, Kellogg Brown and Root, Halliburton), to providing technical support and services to federal, state, and local governments in the form of planning, engineering, and other specialized support (URS, Fluor, CH2MHill, HNTB).

The first type of contractor is at least somewhat well known among informed people since they sometimes are mentioned in the media in connection with our current imperial adventure in the Middle East. They represent the in-your-face evil of the government-industrial complex.

However, the second type is somewhat more insidious. These firms, which grow fat from our tax dollars, support many well paid 'private sector' positions for white collar professionals, of which I would wager you big money are all massive sycophants for the total State and the fascist status quo: the unproductive, subsidized paper pushers, playerz, and boyz with their protected and secure lives of privilege, comfort, and empty status, with the average working man - those folks who manufacture the products we buy, serve customers at McDonalds, stock shelves at the local supermarket, drive trucks which transport vital goods and products from factory to market - left exposed to a dangerous and harsh world where political/social/economic oppression, dick sucking, and sudden violent death are the harsh, cold reality left to them by their leaders.

Of course life is brutal and circumstances can turn on a dime for anyone. However, when it comes to this fact, some animals are more equal than others. The comfortable and connected are somehow always taken care of in this society. Fascist morality, aka social Darwinism, demands it. The superior beings must not be made to suffer, or descend to the socioeconomic level of, heaven forbid, Black people.

In any case, I digress. The multinational engineering/planning/architecture/other firms are major employers of the professional class today. More white collar workers than ever receive their salaries courtesy of the generosity of the taxpayer. And thus more support for the total State is ensured among the classes which possess the requisite intelligence to question, and perhaps reverse, the actions of the current State apparatus.


In other news, supreme dumbass Ben Bernanke now admits that the possibility of a recession is in our future. Earth to Ben!!! We are in a recession, you monstrous dickhead numbskull!! Of course, in the world of the well-compensated dickhead where all bad things in life are magically taken care of, a recession is when you can't hire a dog sitter for that evening on the town because the agency which supplies them has laid off workers. Oh dear, what an inconvenience.

Guess that hasn't happened yet. So no recession, for now. Meanwhile, people are starving in the streets of my neighborhood. Recession? What recession?


Another insult to decency has occurred of late, and where else but on TV. Last evening I happened to catch the latter portion of the worst television program I have ever encountered. This bucket of trash was a 'game show' (the way the network promoted it, it seemed more like a soap opera) entitled The Moment of Truth. My first thought when I watched was, "These 'contestants' have to be actors. This is all staged, right?"

So now as a society we celebrate the destruction of relationships, marriages, lives. And we get our kicks from watching this happen.

Sometimes I wonder if the folks we call 'mentally ill' or 'eccentric' in this society are the ones who are truly normal, and everyone else is insane. It would appear to be that way.

Of course, don't tell that to McCain, it might upset his (and his followers') mass murdering world view where the violent, depraved, and nihilistic dominate, and the people who want to just be left alone and quietly live their lives are slaughtered, because that's what's best for them, since they're sissies, cowards, weaklings.

How un-American it is to be a weak-kneed, Al-Qaeda appeasing sissy! Hail to the strength of the State!