08 April 2008

Keeping it real

The culture of the American subsidy classes today is notorious worldwide for its lack of much effort expended on anything in life, save the pursuit of personal pleasure and mindless self-gratification. The warped view of ghetto society is such that anyone who acts and lives responsibly and plays by greater society's rules is a 'chump', worthy only of scorn. In a real sense this is a logical supposition by ghetto society, since when all is provided for by the almighty State, what need is there to support oneself and be responsible?

Much of ghetto society revolves around the maxim of 'keeping it real', which is a nebulous concept to those not acquainted with ghetto life, but has a very specific and direct meaning to inner city dwellers. In short, 'keeping it real' means acting and behaving in a manner consistent with ghetto morality - devaluation of personal betterment, shunning of responsible work or any other productive activity, deliberate criminal stupidity and ignorance, racial and cultural solidarity, instant gratification, ignoring consequences of actions.

This morality is of course destructive to anyone practicing it. And if the morality of 'keeping it real' were only restricted to ghetto moochers more or less confined to their desolate inner city environs, with no possibility of infecting the larger society, perhaps the poor character and habits of a subculture of this nature would not be of enormous consequence to larger society. Normal people could live their lives unimpeded, conveniently ignoring the cancer in their midst. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Actually, no.

Regrettably the culture of the ghetto is not a benign cancer but a malignant one, as we can see every day around us, in the continued and ever-increasing coarseness of our culture and our lives. And as the low morals of the thug class metastasize throughout the rest of society, we as a people are laid low by those who drop out, to become unproductive burdens on the rest of us.

But datz what it's all about - 'keeping it real', right?