26 April 2008

Comments on a nihilistic age

I must be getting old.

Is it just me or was the past a simpler time?

Yes there was the threat of nuclear annihilation hanging over us then. But the likelihood of this happening was slim. We had the bomb; they had the bomb; everyone knew using it meant mutual destruction.

Today our death comes by a thousand cuts: economic collapse, climate change, social decay, moral disintegration, fiat money, increased taxation, runaway government spending, incompetent leadership....I could go on and on but that would take all day.

Don't you find that society was cleaner and more wholesome then?

You know, right now I am researching old Price is Right episodes. There is so much one can find on YouTube it's not funny. Another modern technological miracle of the online age, much like this blog.

Something about those early TPiR episodes strikes me. I don't know, call it innocence, chalk it up to the fact that they had absolutely no idea that they had thirty-six years (and counting) of game show legacy ahead of them. It was just a fun show played for prizes, and the contestants genuinely seem excited and happy. For all they knew the program would only last a couple of seasons. Bob Barker famously commented somewhere that he thought the show would never last.

What little he knew.

Those early episodes were simply more fun to watch. I don't know about what others are saying, but watching Bob get old and crotchety, then seeing his replacement Drew, a complete product of the nihilistic age, somehow depresses me.

As society grows ever more nihilistic and negative, it strikes me that somewhere we must reach bottom and grotesque, terrible things must result from it. It is inevitable, really. Somewhere the moral decay must destroy its practitioners completely. Woe when that day comes.