01 April 2008

April Fools!

Since this is the day on which we all celebrate and perpetuate hoaxes, I feel that it's fitting to pay homage to the greatest hoax of all time:

Jesus rising from the dead.

Christianity is based on a lie. I admit that there may have been an historical figure living in that part of the world at the time who was Jesus or who was the basis for Jesus, but that is where it ends. For all anyone knows, the body of the alleged Christ could have been stolen by grave robbers on that third day, likely his own disciples who wanted to perpetuate the myth that their Father rose from the dead.

It is interesting that after Christ's death his only appearances as 'resurrected' were only to his closest friends and disciples.

It is obvious that we have no physical proof of Christ's resurrection, save the Gospels which were passed down as stories from word of mouth. In the terms of my profession, this is not valid data since there has been no quality control of the information to test its veracity.

Where is the gravesite? Where is the physical evidence?

If God truly wanted us to believe, He would have left a sign behind!

We just have to face up and admit it: HE IS DEAD.