24 March 2008

Welcome to the blog

Welcome to my blog. This insignificant bit of the web will be henceforth dedicated to whatever crosses my mind - mainly social commentary, political views (Ron Paul REVOLution! - I promise not to overdo it), topics related to my hobbies (urban development, history, highway transportation, classic cinema, and whatnot), and anything else I care to spout about.

For those diehard handful of you out there in online land who are just dying to know what the title of this blog means....let's just say that I live in a rather undesirable area, where much urban prairie can be found. Besides that fact, the phenomenon of 'urban prairie' is that which best represents to me the decay of our modern society - the regression of civilization back toward the wildness of primitivism and social dissolution. For those not familiar with the concept, I direct you to this site to educate yourself on that topic.

Truly, when we all educate ourselves to understand the unadulterated truth, we can make small but crucial steps to improve this world.

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