25 March 2008

Wake up you sleepyhead

Another bright clear morning dawns over the urban wasteland and, rising from my peaceful slumber, I again find myself thinking about how under-rested we are as a society.

It seems to me that eight hours of sleep, taken during a rather narrow period from late evening to around sunrise, of which even this minimum is difficult for many to achieve, is itself somewhat of an underestimation of the true sleep needs of the human body. I can easily sleep ten or twelve hours straight when I am able to from a time standpoint; and as anyone who lives with an adolescent can attest, the sleep patterns of some individuals are highly variable from the norm.

It seems that better accomodation is needed for sleep in this society, whether it be the nightly sleep or the old fashioned midday siesta, banished from existence in all modern industrial Western societies save a few. Too often we treat it as an afterthought. The truth is that sleep deprivation has negative effects for the human body and can even be fatal.

Ah well, one can only dream. Back to work now.....