28 March 2008

Fascist Fool of the Week

At this moment I am proud to inaugurate a new tradition here on this blog: Every Friday (hopefully, if I can remember to do it on time) I will sort through thousands of State sponsored idiocies in the news to identify and honor the biggest dumbass in high places with the prestigious nomination of Fascist Fool of the Week!

So get ready, here we go! The first ever Fascist Fool of the Week is....(drum roll please).....


For being a complete moron on economic affairs (even more ingratiating since you claim to be an economist) and attempting, though words and actions, to continue to prop up the American economy's drug addiction to loose credit and easy money - when what the patient needs most is to quit cold turkey, before the cannonball of doom down which our economy is headed finally derails and kills us all. All to enrich the power elite's best friends, the playerz and boyz on Wall Street (thank you James Howard Kunstler for those glorious terms which define dickheadery oh so well) who might not be able to afford their new Mercedes this year if the economy goes south. Poor pity on them.

But that's what fascism is - shit on the working man (and woman) so that the elites can have their cake and eat it too. That's why I'm nominating you, Mr. Bernanke, for Fascist Fool of the Week.


(And to the winners: sorry, there's no trophy or statuette; the nomination is supposed to be an honor all in itself. You know, like the Oscars. Though you can make yourself a pretty trophy if that makes you feel better.)